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Nostalgic Wireless Charging


New member
May 1, 2012
So on the iPhone with wireless charging.

This is nostalgic to me because my 2nd and 3rd smartphone was the Nokia Lumia 920 and 830. I bought a wireless charger with it and remember placing my phone on it and boom, charges, and it always amazed me during those times that Nokia had done it before the iPhone. I just got my XR today and i had to dig through all my junks of old wires and cables just to find the Nokia wireless charger. I just had to bring this up because while it may seem new since the iPhone 8 to Apple users, I'll always remember wireless charging way back when the Lumia had it years ago!


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May 15, 2013
Tooo be honest Palm, was ahead of the game with wireless charging with the touchstone and multitasking cards... lol.

However Nokia did really push wireless charging, a while ago some family members asked me why I still use Windows phone /Windows Mobile. I told them because it's because of things like wireless charging which my L920 had from 6 years ago and thanks to low demand phones are dirt cheap. I always buy my phones second+ hand, the Lumia 920 is the only phone I ever bought brand new full price as I needed a phone - my Samsung omnia b7610 was dying on me - got it to replace the HTC Touch Pro 2.

They didn't believe me that my L920 had wireless charging.. you could hear a pin drop when I proved them wrong lol!