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Offical Google apps for Windows Phone


New member
Aug 8, 2013
I own a 925, 820 and a Moto G lte. I do not have a single Google app on the G. You can get along just fine without them. With 1Mobile Market, Amazon Market, Mobo Market and about a dozen others you can get all the Android apps you could use and never see the inside of the Google Play Store. When I bought the G I already had a Microsoft account, and a Amazon account. I did not see the need to have another account.

Funny thing I just came from the Opera Store and just for the hell of it I downloaded five programs just to see how the store worked. Guest what every one of the downloads when I clicked on them defaulted to 1Mobil Market to get the app. Now I can't say all the apps there are NOT there (Opera store); but it is kind of strange.


New member
Mar 26, 2013
YouTube is literally the only Google product I use. Sadly, I don't see a viable alternative until we have some sort of sea change in how online video is distributed.


Aug 2, 2012
Are there even any rumours about Google make their app collection official for WP? YouTube, Translate, Maps.. WTF

To put it simply, no there are not any rumors and no it is not going to happen. If you really need Google apps, you would be advised to buy an Android device. I wouldn't even recommend an iPhone since Google's support of ios only goes as deep as it being a revenue generator but not a threat to Android market share. Quite frankly if they had not been trying to originally get a foothold, I doubt there would even be as many Google apps for ios as there are. This question has been addressed again and again and the answer will not change. If you need Google apps, you are on the wrong platform....


New member
Jun 20, 2012
I guess if you're so hooked into all of Google services, it's probably best to stick with an Android device to get the best experience. I only use Google for Youtube and for that, I use the excellent Metrotube. The official Google app question has been done to death on these forums, you need to take it up with Google. Even when Microsoft had an excellent, co-developed Youtube app, Google still managed to scupper support.

Jorge Holguin

New member
Apr 18, 2014
Hey moderators you should not have remove harsh comments. I know you are doing your job in trying to keep the forums clean but we can't take it when someone become nasty. We can't control that but you shouldn't be so sensitive. The write of the OP was little nasty in one of my responses but I didn't get offended and so shouldn't you. I just saying. Back to the subject; We don't need Google's apps - well some of us [to clarify.]

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