OneDrive Camera Upload Issue with Pixel 2 Portrait Photos


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Aug 28, 2014
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I have just moved from Windows Mobile to Android with a Pixel 2. I'm trying to continue using Microsoft services for as much as possible.

I've disabled the Google drive camera backup via the Photos app and enabled OneDrive's Camera Upload. This works fine when taking normal photos and videos which all get saved in the Camera folder on the phone and get uploaded to the Camera Roll folder on OneDrive. However, when you take a portrait photo with the Pixel 2 it creates a folder inside the Camera folder called IMG_... specifically for that portrait photo. OneDrive will not automatically upload this folder, instead you get a notification asking if you want to add this folder as an additional folder to upload.

So this means that every time you take a portrait folder you get a notification and you have to respond Yes to that notification before OneDrive will upload the portrait photo. You can add these additional folders in the OneDrive settings but only after they have been created. Occasionally OneDrive has automatically added one of these folders without a notification but 90% of the time it doesn't. So it's not very convenient for portrait photos.

In my view this is a bug, it should really upload anything in the Camera folder regardless of whether it's in a sub folder without the user having to add additional folders or respond to notifications.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and know of any workarounds / fixes?


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