OneDrive Free Storage Offer, any info on this?

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OneDrive Free Storage Offer


When Microsoft announced that they will let users keep their 30GB free storage (15 GB Free + 15GB Camera Bonus) if they opt-in before end of January 2016, they also said that those who have more than 5GB of data in their OneDrive will get One Year of Free Office 365 Personal subscription. According to their announcement, emails regarding this were supposed to received in early January. However, I haven't received anything so far.

1) Have anyone of you received it so far?
2) Is there any sort of update on this at all?
3) If the offer is active, is it only for those who didn't use the Opt-In promotion to retain their 30GB Free storage?
4) Any information or update on this whatsoever?

Thank you very much

Sharon Kay

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Jan 26, 2016
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Re: OneDrive Free Storage Offer

Thanks for the heads up! I would have missed out and been downgraded. I searched and searched and finally found the answer:

keep free storage.jpg
(just in case the link doesn't post since I am new.... https colon forward slash forward slash preview dot onedrive dot com forward slash bonus forward slash)

Interest to note, the permissions says that it will be able to add or take away bonus storage at any time, however, you can disable the permissions. Thinking we should permit, then go and take away the permissions for it to be able to remove? (really?)

So thankful that you asked here...and glad I could help!


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Dec 14, 2013
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Re: OneDrive Free Storage Offer

I haven't received the email about the Office 365 offer either. I opted in for the bonus storage, so it's possible that there's a choice between those offers.

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