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Onedrive search doesn't find pdf contents anymore

Alexander Keul

New member
Nov 14, 2012
Hello fellow Onedrive friends,

I have a problem I'm going crazy over and hope someone can point me to the right direction.

I do use Onedrive (not Onedrive for Business) with an Office 365 subscription.

I do scan all my correspondence and save them as PDF files on Onedrive. Recently I have switched scanner from Cannon to Brother. And after a while I noted that Onedrive search didn't find pdf contents.

I did test every imaginable way / format (pdf, pdf/a, searchable, non-searchable) and for example the windows search does search/find the contents, but not the onedrive search.
The very weird thing, when I go back to the old scanner/old software now, it does not work anymore too.
Old/existing files are still beeing found.

I am completely clueless now.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you veeeeery much. Every tip is much appreciated.


Feb 27, 2014
I'm not entirely following. Do you mean if you search OneDrive from within File Explorer, the pdfs are found, but not when you search on onedrive.com? I just did both using the search "*.pdf" and both worked fine. Did you vefify your new scanner files truly have pdf extensions and not something else such as a jpg or bmp? For example if you're adding the .pdf to the file name thinking you're adding the extension but it's defaulting to a different format so the file ends up as "FileName.pdf.jpg". If that's not it, then have you tried searching the same way from another device?

Alexander Keul

New member
Nov 14, 2012
Thanks for the reply.

I am talking about the "contents" of the pdf (so whats written inside the PDF, recognized by OCR).

I tried scanning the PDF without OCR, including OCR (and yes, then the words I do search for can be found inside the PDF when I CTRL+F inside the Adobe Reader). So the OCR seemed to have done a fine job.

Onedrive Online search just don't find it.

Thanks again

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