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Outlook account showing 'Action required' in People app


New member
Jan 12, 2016
In the People app my Outlook account is always showing "Action required' after a reboot. The error says that "We're having a problem connecting to eas.outlook.com. Contact a support person or your service provider."

This is only happening on Windows 10 Mobile -- desktop is still working just fine.

If I long press the Outlook account in settings in the People app and select "Snyc" the account syncs and I can access account settings just like everything is OK.

Anyone else experiencing this after a restart?

I don't even show my Outlook contacts in the People app -- but having the error irks me... and I worry that battery life might suffer if the app keeps trying to resolve the connection.

This just started happening all the time yesterday. It's occurred occasionally in the past.

I haven't changed any security settings on my MS account either...

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