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Oct 16, 2012
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I started this discussion on Microsoft Community, but figured users here might be quicker at responding and probably having more interesting input.

I noticed that contact photos don't sync as they should.
It's come to my attention you can't add a contact photo via Outlook.com (People > edit contact).
- Adding a photo via iPhone native Contacts app (sometimes syncs with Outlook.com, sometimes it just stays on the phone)
- Adding a photo via iPhone Outlook app (often gives an error)
- Contacts with a photo in Outlook.com don't always sync to People (app 10.2.2791.0) or iPhone (iOS 11.1.1)
- Adding a photo via People (app 10.2.2791.0) doesn't always sync to Outlook.com

Is anyone having problems with this? I recall reading a thread that suggested uploading photos at 314x314 and that had solved the issue for the user.
I also tried looking at the pictures that were successfully uploaded to find trends and I couldn't get a consensus other than that PNG always fails.

I found a couple of threads that seem to illustrate this issue for others as well in different areas:
- Contact photos no longer sync to iphone after the new outlook.com update.
- Outlook.com Contact / People Profile Pictures not Syncing to iOS or Android
- Outlook.com Contact Photos syncing to iPhone
- Outlook.com contact pictures not syncing to iphone IOS8
- How can I get outlook.com contact pictures to sync with iphone?
- Contact pictures not showing in mail app

Many of the answers seem generic and don't really address the problem. I'm just curious to know what others are experiencing.

Here is my latest batch tested:

Contacts that worked: (12)
- A (JPG 34.9KB)
- B (JPG 73.9KB)
- C (JPG 19KB)
- D (JPG 20KB)
- E (JPG 127KB)
- F (JPG 470KB)
- G (JPG 10.3KB)
- H (JPG 970KB)
- I (JPG 23.1KB)
- J (JPG 330KB)
- K (JPG 13.3KB)
- L (JPG 64.4KB)
- M (JPG 12.7KB)

Contacts that didn't work (24)
- N (PNG 2.47MB)
- O (PNG 980KB)
- P (PNG 1.41MB)
- Q (PNG 2.67MB)
- R (PNG 4.28MB)

JPG FAILED (no obvious reason as to why….)
- S (JPG 39.2KB)
- T (JPG 142KB)
- U (JPG 58.3KB)
- V (JPG 35KB)
- W (JPG 172KB)
- Y (JPG 55.8KB)
- Z (JPG 66.4KB)
- 1 (JPG 89.5KB)
- 2 (JPG 211KB)
- 3 (JPG 288KB)
- 4 (JPG 420KB)
- 5 (JPG 24.1KB)
- 6 (JPG 51.7KB)
- 7 (JPG 51.3KB)
- 8 (JPG 199KB)
- 9 (JPG 51.2KB)
- 10 (JPG 149KB)
- 11 (JPG 236KB)
- 12 (JPG 42.5KB)

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

Henry Harrold

New member
Nov 17, 2017
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Hi. Are you using some syncing software for this issue? I notices the same problem when was using AktiveSync, and I still don't understand why some pictures synced and other don't, although all of this pictures was made by my phone so have the same extension and size. I suppose it might be AktiveSync bug. Anyway, I coped with this issue using Akruto. Finally all of my contacts has appropriate pictures :)

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