Paint3d Keeps reinstalling itself on my system, I want it gone!


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Aug 24, 2017
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I’ve tried all the hacks to get this annoying program off of MY SYSTEM. I don’t want MS telling me silently they insist on my using a program that I don’t use. I use Irfanview and Photoshop, PERIOD, I don’t want someone or something telling me “oh just give a try, you’ll love it” no, I won’t and I don’t want to. I run a small cg business and need my defaults left alone! I do not want my time wasted with constantly running around resetting them on a DAILY basis back to what works for MY WORKFLOW….. This it horrible business practice all the way around.

Please let me know if there is a REAL fix for this! I've tried the offering found elsewhere on this forum and even went into Registry and removed all the image file formats that were pointing to Paint3D but still to no avail. I was busy in a folder and all of a sudden I get this notice from Windows that this default wasn't working (Irfanview) and it was being reset to the system default. I did another go with uninstalling it but if I double clicked on like a JPEG up popped Paint3D. It's like it's uninstalled but not. Like it's being held in some other hidden folder and reinstated when the system sees that it's not the default. It's mind boggling and extremely rude of MS to ASSUME it's OK to shove a program like that down our throats. Perhaps some like it, I do not, esp the control thing. I will ALWAYS use Irfanview.

Thanks for your help. And please don't spam my thread with hateful insults. I will block you in a split second. Helpful folks only, thanks.


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