Photo Hub Headbanging - A tale of two Lumia's.

Paul Verizzo

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Jul 20, 2013
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Photo Hub Headbanging - A tale of two Lumia's

My goal was to get some 1200 images onto my phones in order to display them for hobby and business purposes. These are all scanned and very old. I.e., dates for Created and Modified are inaccurate.

Anyway, after lots and lots of work, I figured out how to do this on a Lumia 925. Using the connection to the PC, I made a folder within Pictures, then I had my ten or so subfolders that divide them up by topic.

When I would open the Photo Hub, there was a nice tile under Albums, click on it, then all the sub albums. Worth the head banging! Woo hoo! To be honest, I don't recall what happened when I opened it to All, but then, it didn't matter to me.

I have moved back to my 810 because of the ultra crappy phone functions in my 925's. Doing the exact same thing, whether by USB or putting the SD card into an adapter, no master tile shows up in Albums. In All, it's a mess of long scrolls and dates including thousands of years into the future.

Frustrated, I figured I'll move everything to the Documents folder and when I need an image, I'll use Files to open the card/Folder/Subfolder. Well, that worked....................but WP found it and put all the images back into All!

I'm also frustrated how I can delete folder and images in both OneDrive and the SD card, and yet the Hub still shows placeholder images!

Yeah, I'm old school, I understand hierarchical file structure. I understand the concept of virtual folders using tags or EXIF data. But I do NOT understand this out of control, no control by me Photo Hub. Oh, I also changed all the date attributes using Attribute Changer, but upon copying, Windows 7 re-changes back to today's dates.

And why are the newest Camera Roll pictures at the BOTTOM of the All page?

Both phones are running the latest 8.1's available to them.

Signed, Beaten to a Lumia pulp

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