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Pixel Perfekt ? oldschool hard mobile platformer with pixel perfect collisions


Aug 24, 2013
oldschool hard mobile platformer with pixel perfect collisions

Pixel Perfekt is a retro style platformer with pixel perfect collisions. It offer classic gameplay from 8-bit computers and is highly inspired by platformers from this epoch like: Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Chuckie Egg.

You play as Norman and you need to retrieve stolen keys. Gameplay is really simple. You need to collect every key on a map and avoid enemies. It sounds easy however every monster touch is killing our hero. Some of levels are plain arcade levels where you need to master every jump and avoid every monsters. Some of levels are logic levels and need to be beaten in proper way. It is difficult to describe gameplay, however if you?ve played in retro titles mentioned above you will understand.

Webpage: Pixel Perfekt
Windows Phone Store: windowsphone.com/s?appid=04b4454d-6d3d-4182-9690-c6fbe2b58a3e

  • Wander through 50 unique levels.
  • Enjoy retro experience made by graphic and music style, pixel perfect collisions and game mechanics.
  • Game is oldschool hard. However quick gameplay gives you opportunity to learn how to play and beat every level even if you are casual player.
  • Addictive gameplay. You know this feeling when you are eating potato chips and you cannot stop. Every bite is your last. The same will be with Pixel Perfekt. Every time will be one more time.
  • Intuitive controls designed for touch screens. Doesn't matter what size is your screen or your palms. Game controls are designed to be comfortable for everyone.
  • Retro music and graphic. Immerse in 8bit retro world with great graphic and amazing music made by Stratkat.
  • Beat perfekt time for every level and unlock 18 suits.