Playback volume constantly reduced after Mango!


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Oct 3, 2011
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Playback volume constantly reduced (if BT headset is connected) after Mango!

Hello everyone,

After I updated my HTC HD7 to Mango, I began encountering this weird problem.

I usually connect my phone to a my home sound system via AUX to listen to music. When the phone is paired with my bluetooth headset and connected to AUX, music playback volume is automatically reduced to zero. I tried to increase the volume but it is like if the volume rocker is forced to lower the volume. It just wouldn't move and keeps lowering to zero (even when it hits mute).

The same problem happens in my car, and only if I am trying to play music via AUX while connected to a bluetooth headset.

I never had this problem before, it just appeared after the Mango update.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)


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Nov 15, 2010
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I'm having a similar issue. Since upgrading from 7712 to 7720, the volume of the text-to-speech and TellMe services has been greatly reduced. I have my phone paired to my car's Bluetooth. In the past, leaving phone at 10/10 and ringer at 20/30 gave me perfect volume for everything. Now the text-to-speech is so low that I can barely hear it, even if I crank the volume all the way up to 30/30. All that does is make the ring obnoxiously loud. I'm very irritated with this change. Support via Twitter does not offer a direct resolution, but I would like to pass my concern on to the Windows Phone team. For you, I would consider contacting @WinPhoneSupport as a first resort. If they do not come through, perhaps phone support would be better? I'm pursuing that route myself, as the text-to-speech is useless with the volume this low.

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