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Windows 11 x Airpods Pro (Stereo Quality Disappeared)


New member
Oct 10, 2022
Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my Airpods Pro and Windows 11.

The problem is once I pair them with my laptop with Windows 11, I am only allowed to use them as Hands-Free (for calls and videocalls) however no music or video knows Airpods for output. This happened after an update in August 2022 and now I cannot turn back.

I cannot even change the quality of the audio because whenever I try to disable Hands-Free feature, I do not hear any sound.

Is there a way to solve this? Thanks!
Jun 9, 2021
Try "Unpair" the device first and the "Re-pair" it. if unsuccessful then Try "Reset Bluetooth settings". If still unsuccessful, then "Uninstall Bluetooth Driver" and restart your computer as computer restarts hit "Check for Updates". Windows automatically download and install the driver and definitely your problem will be solved.