POLL: Should Microsoft Keep SPARTAN as the Name for Their New Cortana Integrated Browser

Jason Ward

Windows Central Columnist
Dec 2, 2011
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Wow I was hoping that the Spartan name would be under VERY serious consideration by Microsoft. i thank that it is a very appropriate moniker.

One the name itself conveys the sleek, "Spartan", efficient nature of the browser. This is an appropriate association when considering Spatan in relation to the greek soldiers who were efficient warriors in battle, sparsely armed and lightly garbed for efficient movement, but extraordinarily effective rival against any foe. This browser is that. Streamlined and under the hood, very powerful - and apparently quite an effective competitor against rivals Chrome and Safari.

Naturally the more appropriate association is Spartan in relation to Halo. Spatans were deliberately engineered from their core, their very DNA, to be natural warriors, more. This browser was engineered from the core outward to be a powerful mobile browser that that does more than the competition. Naturally what was on the inside of the Spartan was not all that comprised who/what he was but his armor, with the integrated AI was a key symbiosis to the identity of every Spartan. With Cortana integration in the Project Spartan browser the parrellels are to blatant to miss. What better name for the ONLY browser with an integrated personal digital assistant that gets to know you and recognizes the webpages you surf and offers relevant support than "Spartan" which shadows Halo's Spartans with integrated AI's that recognizes the environment the Spartan is in and offers relevant support.

Microsoft is converging it's ecosystem, Cortana is already one of the most recognized names that has transitioned from what was it's only "cool" product XBox, a product that people choose to use not have to use. Cortana is not only accepted but clamored for. Spartan is, in my opinion, a natural name for a browser that is seeking to claim territory in the mobile space with it's integrated digital assistant.

Whatever avenues were utilized to rally individuals to make the voices of the masses heard to get Cortana's name to stick for Microsoft's personal assistant, I think Microsoft needs to hear the voice of the masses again. If their looking for a name for their browser, I think I speak for most of us here - Spartan it is! What are your thoughts is Spartan your choice?

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