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Jun 21, 2011
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Hello all,

I have been excited about WP7 since he announcement. I am a little dissapointed Verizon has not picked up more of these devices to be comepletely honest.

Heres the Deal: I was using an unlocked iphone on t-mobile before I switch to verizon. I got a droid x on pre pay (i paid full price) and recently am on a family plan now.
I can upgrade whenever I want and have been itching for a new phone for a few months but nothing has striked me as what I want.

The Thunderbolt has too many battery issues and I wouldn't use it if I got a free one sans contract. The Charge is tempting but the pricing is out of my range (359$)

I'm not particularly interested in getting Iphone 4, or even iphone 5 if it gets released on Verizon. I am leaning towards either the LG Revolution or the trophy, but really don't know much about WP7 and the experince. I was wondering how big of a change my experince would be coming from my droid x to WP7.

Heres what I use most on my phone:


Music apps(Pandora, ESPNradio)

How's battery life on the trophy? I work 12 hrs a day and itd be nice to know if it will last me all day long or if I'll need to get a charger for work.

Basically, all this typing to see if you guys think the WP7/trophy is worth switching too.

Thanks for your input!!


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Apr 3, 2011
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I really enjoy the phone never really messed to much with andriod but I have had a lot of time on winmo and some time with bbos and webos and my gf has a iphone, so I can tell you I enjoy it more then all those. My battery life sucked at 1st but now it's getting better. You can always get the bigger battery if you need to.


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May 24, 2011
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I went from multiple Android devices to iPhone andnow with vzw trophy. My fav phone so far, wp7 is so smooth and easy to use. Love all the integration with the os apps and such. Mango wil put this right up there in terms of best mobile os. Battery life is decent. 8-10 Hrs on pretty good bit of usage at work. Probly 14 or so on light usage. Maybe a bit more. Amazing phone man. Give it a try

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May 14, 2011
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Lets just put it this way if its Facebook your into this phone has the best integration of Facebook out of any os. When Mango comes in the fall it will get even better as well as Twitter integration but they do have apps for twitter as well. They currently don't have Pandora but they do have Slacker Radio as well as Last.fm. No ESPNradio at the moment but i expect that to be coming. I'm not sure what wordfued is but my recommendation would be if you want great facebook integration, easy to use, if you use Microsoft products this is the phone for you. You may have to wait for certain apps to be released but when the new update comes in the fall this OS will be right on pair with certain features of other os's and better in other area's. Also if you use Xbox Live at all this phone will have the best phone gaming out of any phone. Thats right it WILL be better then even the iPhone. Needs some more gaming titles but they are coming. Oh and I almost forgot about browser, its a very good browser that will get better with the update in the fall. Also if the Revolution is the other phone your comparing with this one from what I have been hearing is the phone has a few bugs. Major problem with every android phone is bugs bugs and more bugs enless its pure vanilla android. With battery life I last throughout the day playing games, browsing the web, phone calls, texting, as well as updating facebook. Very good battery life I have only had to charge the phone at around 8pm at night for 30mins or so just to give me a little juice for the rest of the night and not have to worry. You should be good. If you work in an office or anything like that maybe buy a usb cord if your really worried or even a car charger. Depends on your use but if you need any charge it might need 30mins at most and thats for heavy use. If you actually read all this then you probably are very interested in a trophy. Sorry for the length
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