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Power Supply Rating for Windows RT

Daniel Gandolfo

New member
Aug 21, 2013

Can anyone tell me what the power supply rating is in terms of current and voltage. Also, does anybody know which pins the power is supplied on. There are 5 pins so I presume the power supply must be supplying multiple sources of power to a few units in the RT which it charges.

The power supply is rated at 24 W but that doesn't tell me the rating in terms of voltage and current.

I suspect, because of the the 5 pins, the adaptor supplies energy to multiple units.

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Ambassador Team Leader
Nov 4, 2013
DC output at 24 watts out would be 12 VDC @ 2 amps.

The five contacts provide convenience for flipping the magnetic connector up or down.
Even though the connector has 5 contacts only three see activity when attached most likely.
Essentially all newer DC chargers have 3 contacts.
1 ground return 1 V+ and one for voltage\charge control to manage output as the charge level starts to buck the current.


New member
Aug 1, 2014
The answer is pretty simple: as you can attach the connector in either way, only a maximum of 3 lines is available. If you look closer then both outer pins are protruding which usually means that they are GND so they make contact first. The next inner pair of contacts is the supply voltage (+12V). I am not sure but the center pin is only used to turn on the LED in the connector to indicate a proper connection - not essential. I wonder how you plan to build you own magnetic connector?!