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Pretty impressed with the 635


Dec 5, 2014
I just bought a 635 with a cracked screen, mostly to download and test WP10.

After playing around with it a bit, I'm actually impressed with the 635. It's a much better phone than I expected it to be, given the price. It's not a flagship, but it seems pretty capable. I've only been using it for about a half hour, but first impressions are good.

I'm downloading WP10 now, interested to see what it looks like.

After playing with this a bit, I'm intrigued enough to fix the screen, and hang onto it as a backup (ie - make it more than a WP10 tester).

Most of you probably already know, just thought I'd share. I started with a 920, then a 930, now an interim 920, then going to an 830. Had a 1520 for a short time in there as well. I wouldn't be embarrassed at all to have the 635 as a daily driver.


New member
Apr 9, 2015
Yes indeed Gordon. Strange thing that 635... it only cost me $30 and it does pretty much what my iPhone 5S does (did). Combine that with a $35 Cricket Wireless "no-silly-assed-extra-taxes" plan and I'm good to go. (Compared to the Verizon extortionists which I finally dumped... I feel like I'm doing something illegal. :sweaty:)

I miss the iOS ecosystem but that will improve with Win10.