Problem with using Keyboard Shortcut for Custom Keyboard Layout – any good workarrounds?


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Apr 10, 2021
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Hello you all!
Maybe someone can help me with this.
I was today forced to once again switch from Linux to Windows (potentially dual booting soon).

Sadly I was floored to find out that multi-layout support is about as bad as on any Linux distribution.
This year I am taking a few language courses and I am brushing up on my language skills from school as well.
(I had English, Latin and Spanish in School and I am taking Russian and an introductory course in Chinese at Uni this semester.)

Specifically the problem that I am up against is this:
I want to type multiple languages in their respected "native" keyboard layouts i.e. type in Chinese using the Simplified Chinese Input Method as you may in mainland China, type in Russian as you would as a Russian and for any language with a Latin character set (e.g. in my case German, English, Latin and Spanish) type using a German (E1) QWERTZ keyboard layout following DIN 2137 (2020) E1 as closely as possible.

Thankfully one of the creators of that norm has published an E1 custom layout for Windows 10 that seems to be relatively feature complete. (see I installed it just fine and it seems to work although Microsoft Programs such as Teams do not seem to like it as a way to type in your password. My workaround to that one is to have a "normal" German "QWERTZ" layout as well.

Now since switching through 7 keyboard layouts with CTRL+SPACEBAR is a hassle, I now wanted to assign keyboard shortcuts in order to be able to jump to the relevant layouts easier. Specifically I assigned:

  • German (Germany) with the E1 layout to CTRL+SHIFT+1
    Russian (Russia) with the Russian layout to CTRL+SHIFT+2
    Chinese (Simplified, China) with Microsoft Pinyin to CTRL+SHIFT+3
    Arabic (Saudi Arabia) with the Arabic (101) keyboard to CTRL+SHIFT+4
    English (Germany) with the standard German QWERTZ layout to CTRL+SHIFT+0 as a fallback in case something won't accept input from the E1 layout.

Now all the shortcuts from CTRL+SHIFT+2 to CTRL+SHIFT+4 seem to be working but for jumping to the E1 layout the assigned shortcut does not seem to work which apparently is known bad behavior but not important enough to Microsoft to have fixed in like at least 3 years.
Is there any workaround for that since WINDOWS KEY + SPACEbaring is driving me up a wall? Or is this fixed and I just did it wrong?



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