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Productivity apps: camera and pdf comments


New member
Mar 21, 2016
Hi all,
I am a new user of t100chi and I'm looking for new programs for improving my work but till now I didn't find anything suitable for me.
Hope to find here what I would like to find though I've lost every hope.

I join a lot of conferences and I would need an app which allows me to do just two easy things: take a picture very quickly and add comments to that picture via keyboard. It would be grate if I could also use the pen on the picture for further informations but it's not so necessary.
OneNote metro app does this but the problem is that if I'm really far...I cannot zoom the picture and I won't see anything of the screen because of the contrast. I tried to change settings of camera but...every time I have to set them. It's not possible to do that again every time...

The other app I would need already there is for mac because I saw it in the mac of my colleague: he can write comments (not notes which I'm allowed to attach with Adobe Reader!) attached to every slide of a pdf, so scrolling again various slides of PDF he can read quickly what was the comment of the speaker.

Please, tell me there's something suitable for me, overall about the first needed :winktongue:

Thnk you very much in advise!


New member
Apr 9, 2014
For marking up pdf documents, I use Drawboard PDF. It's a paid app, and very much worth it.

For photos, I'm still looking for a photo viewing app that allows markup, but there is nothing good available. You can open a photo in Paint, mark it up and save it as a jpeg - it's the only solution I know.

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