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You good people,
I had problems recently that sometimes I didn't receive push notifications on my windows phone. Now I spent an hour testing and I figured out what causes the problem. I think it's a serious flaw in the way Microsoft handles push notifications.
I am using a Lumia 640 and a laptop, both running the latest version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, both logged in with the same Microsoft account. When I receive, let's say a Skype message, it gets pushed to my phone as usual, but when I open the desktop application on my laptop, the messages then only get pushed to my desktop. The really bad thing is that even after I close the desktop app and shut down my laptop, I will still not get any push notifications on my phone until I open Skype on my phone to somehow activate my phone as the receiving end for push notifications. If I then open the desktop app again, the phone will be cut off from notifications until I open the app there again.
I think there is a serious flaw in the way Microsoft is handling push notifications, only being able to push it to one device at a time. The behaviour is the same for other push-service apps like Viber. I have allowed those apps to run in the background on my phone and to send me push notifications. I'm sure it's not a settings issue. I tried a soft reset and reinstalling those apps, but to no avail.
Can somebody reproduce this behaviour? Is Microsoft aware of this? At the moment I can either stop using any desktop apps that I also have on my phone or I have to go into every of those apps once I leave the house to make sure I will receive push notifications.
Thanks for the input!

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