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Jan 11, 2008
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When I am at work I used a nutshell case for my devices for the past couple of years. Here is a picture of my Nutshell:


Slightly abused I'd say I work in the Material Handling Industry as a project manager so when I am not in the office I am on a job site working, welding building basically a dusty dirty environment not a great place for a PPC. I wont put my Touch Pro in any other case I don't trust them. I am a fanatic when it comes to the condition of my PPC the slightest scratch drives me nuts so I just wont allow it to happen. If you need the maximum in protection for your PPC I recommend you "Put it in a Nutshell"

The nutshell 2 year guarantee from there website

For the Nutshell, not its Contents!
Your nutshell is designed and constructed to take the rough with the smooth.

All components have been selected and assembled with a single objective: to live up to our tuff-as-nuts claim. It should protect its contents against most of what Mother Nature can throw at it.

We are so confident of its durability that it comes with a two (2) year Guarantee.

If your nutshell should crack in that time (it's unlikely), return it to us with the Guarantee, duly completed, and we shall repair or replace it. Simple.

Be reasonable, though.

We know that some of you might indulge yourselves in unusual activities, so we have to apply a few conditions (for your own good, of course!).

Our Guarantee does not cover:

Any nutshell that has been used while (or for) putting out oil field fires, deflecting bullets, or shielding from bomb blasts. It rules out bear mauling, Rottweiler attacks and hungry rats.
Nor will a nutshell protect its contents when driven over, dropped from a dizzy height, or trampled by buffalo.

Your nutshell will probably survive but the contents most likely won't.

We expect nutshell owners to be circumspect in the use of their electronic equipment.

Look at it this way: you can expect your nutshell to protect and cushion your computer from any of the knocks and drops and/or extremes of temperature and climate that you yourself can survive.

You will crack before it does. We also suspect that, given time, the average three-year-old might chew its way through - but we don't know why it would bother. Tastes awful.

Don't you just love a company with a since of humor.

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