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Question about Photo libraries network access in Metro App


New member
Jun 17, 2012
Rewind to Windows 8.

I have 3 Windows 8 computers, each with pictures in my "My Pictures" folder (automatically in the Pictures library) on each computer. I could go to the Metro Photo's app on each computer, and in the drop down, all computers Pictures libraries would show up. It was awesome, I could browse all pics on all computers, when outside of office, I could connect to the VPN and galleries would just appear. I had absolutely NO special configuration for this, and had to do nothing to set it up (no sharing, no permissions, no network shares, etc...). Just so everyone's aware all 3 computers were joined to the same domain, same user account.

As soon as I updated the computers to Windows 8.1 I lose the ability to browse the other computers photo libraries in the Metro app. Was this feature removed? Is there a way to re-enable it?

Thnx in advance! :)