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Mar 4, 2013
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Ok guys either I'm stupid because I can't quite seem to find the exact answer that I am looking for. Simple questions here. Am I right in assuming that once we take a picture with our Lumia 1020's the image that we can fix/modify/crop etc etc from our phones is only the one at 5mp right we actually can't modfy the 36mp photo until on our PC's right?. Secondly from what I have ready and understood what is special about this pure view camera is that I can take a picture and then go to edit or crop from within the phone and I shouldn't loose that much quality on the edited picture right?? Or am I mistaken totally. Lastly this whole thing about being able to ZOOM confuses me. Are we speaking about zooming in before we actually take the picture or are we talking about ZOOMING and/or cropping after we have taken the picture?? I can't seem to find the answer I am looking for here and this camera seems great already I just need some quick pointers to take full advantage and understand this because I am cropping pictures and they don't seem incredible, I mean I am losing detail here......Thanks ahead of time guys


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Jul 23, 2013
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When looking at the image on your phone, what ever part of the full frame picture you are looking at, at that moment, is an oversampled 5MP of the original.
All of the data from the 41MP is still on the camera, so when you reframe, to whatever size, it is still an oversampled 5MP version. You do not loose any quality.

A normal camera would cut down the full MP when zooming/cropping. So say a 12MP image might be 5MP after cropping. If zoomed before taking the photo, you might only be using say 5MP of the 12MP sensor, which would then be up sampled to 12MP. More pixels, no more data.

As for zooming before, or after, it makes no difference. It only changes your viewpoint. The camera always captures the full frame at 34/38MP, unless you choose 5MP only. That is why you can reframe later.

You should read the white paper, 23 pages is more than I can explain here.
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May 19, 2012
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Essentially what you need to do dude is click the little text under the 5MP image you are seeing that says Capture in Nokia Pro Cam. That is a link to the 38MP version of the image. Once you click on it, you can reframe and zoom and spin the image anyway you like. Save it to overwrite the original 5MP image for the new one. Good luck. Lumia 1020 is the best.

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