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Quick Charge 2.0 on Lumia 950?


New member
Oct 9, 2015
Hi Guys

I did a lot of search, but can't get confirmed answer.

Does the Lumia 950 support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or just like google, they use the 5V/3A 15W fast charging?

Microsoft don't mention the quick charge in their product description,(they are talking fast charging, but never use the quick charge, since "quick charge" is the qualcomm registered) google has confirmed, the new nexus don't support quick charge 2.0, So i wonder, how about in the new Lumia smartphone?

Anyone can confirm ?

Thanks in advance!


New member
Jan 30, 2013
Not a scientific test, nor reliable since my restore was still going on in the background, but using a QC 2.0 car adapter, my 950 went from 24% to 57% in an hour. 33% with LTE download tons of data consistently