Quirky/glitchy FN button


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Apr 11, 2008
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I have a Sprint Mogul. I type on it a lot. I recently updated the ROM to version 3.35.651.2 and have radio version 3.35.04.

It seems that after I upgraded to this version I started having problems with my FN button (the one with the big blue dot on it). It used to work fine, now it works intermittently; some times when I press it say to insert a comma the system doesn't seem to realize I just pressed the FN button and thinks I am trying to press the back arrow button. It seems to work better if I press the button I want a nano second after I pressed the FN key, if I wait a milli-second it doesn't work. It's just glitchy now. Sometimes I pres the FN key once and it locks it on as if I pressed it twice and then have to jerk around with it to get the FN lock to turn off. I'm pissed.

Has any one else experienced this after upgrading their ROM, or do you think I just have a broken FN button?

MY 6600 lasted 3 years with out a hitch, the 6800 seems less resilient.

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