[Real Users] My Alcatel Plus 10 Review


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Nov 16, 2012
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Who has an Alcatel Plus 10?

Are you happy you got it? Why? Why not?

What's the good, the bad and the ugly? How long have you had it and what do you think?

Put your User Review here to help others. The more detail the better, we really appreciate hearing how it performs in the field.

Looking forward to seeing this thread fill up with more information on this interesting 2-in-1 device!

Kieran Jeffery

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Jul 12, 2014
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Hey guys,

I've recently got my hands on one of these and overall I'm quite impressed.

I got mine through an upgrade through Three, here in the UK. The previous device was an Acer 7" Windows 8 tablet. That was ok but I found that the tablet form factor wasn't really of much use. I also own a Linx Vision 8 tablet.

So, back to the Alcatel PLUS 10. It's a unique set up with the PLUS 10, it's a 2-in-1 and functions much like a Surface tablet in that respect. The keyboard only works when it is docked and it slots in with magnets. The weird thing though is the 4G connection. The SIM goes into the keyboard rather than the tablet, which then acts as a WiFi hotspot that you connect the tablet to. Seems a little hap hazard at first. But it does kind of make sense. Not only does it save battery in the tablet, but it makes it easier to connect other devices too. The keyboard has 2 USB ports, a micro on the right, and a full size on the left. The micro USB port is for charging only, and the full size port can be use to connect anything to the tablet, e.g. Mouse, Controller, External HDD etc. Be warned though that if you undock the tablet, you're also disconnecting that USB device.

The keyboard is actually quite solid. It doesn't flex at all and feels well made. The keys have a reassuring stiffness to them and are pretty much full size for the main keys. The touch pad though is super tiny, almost laughably so. it's not too great to use either, I'm always moving shortcuts, files, or selecting a bunch of text with it, constantly recognising gestures to when I don't mean it too. But this is generally an issue I have with all track pads, it's just amplified a bit with this one. I did get a R.A.T.m mouse though which works quite well over Bluetooth with the tablet.

Connecting the tablet to the keyboards hotspot can be a bit fiddly at times. The keyboards hotspot goes to sleep after a while and takes a while to come back to life. Then it seems an age before it appears on the network list on the tablet itself. Once it's going though and all connected, it seems to maintain a connection quite well, certainly better than the mobile WiFi dongle thing I had with the Acer Tablet.

The tablet itself also feels solid in construction. Pretty close to a Samsung Galaxy tablet of the same size. It has all the standard connections for a devic of this size, micro USB, micro HDMI, headset port and micro SD slot. I do like that the micro SD slot has a cover. Then you have the standard power and volume rocker. It has both a front and rear camera, I haven't, and probably never will use them, so I cannot comment on how good they are.

As for the tablet's performance, for the price it sells for, including the keyboard, it's actually alright. The sound is pretty awful, It's not the fastest starter upper, and having more than one program or more than a couple of tabs open in Edge, does slow the tablet down considerably. It does play Pinball FX quite well, I played it with a Bluetooth connected Xbox One controller and it worked well. Also Minecraft is more than playable. All in all though, compared to the other tablets I've had, it performs on par with the Linx Vision 8 and a little better than the 7" tablets I've had in the past. The screen is actually quite nice, great viewing angles, nice and bright and colourful, probably the best thing about the tablet.

Battery life seems quite reasonable. I'm getting about 8 hours from a single charge with light web browsing and document editing. That's with both the tablet and keyboard battery. It also charges pretty fast. I can get a full charge, with the 3A charger supplied in under 2 hours.

When you fold it down, it holds together with magnets, they're strong enough that it quite happily stays together in my bag when I'm out and about. Not too strong though that you have to pry the thing apart when you ant to use it.

So overall, I'm pleased with this tablet. It was free with a 24 month 2GB plan with three at £18 a month. As a SIM only 2GB plan was £10, which is what I was originally planning on going for, I guess I got the tablet for just under £200. Which isn't much more than you'd get one for on Amazon, so I'm happy. When I've finished with it, it'll suit my wife just fine for a few years too.

Can't seem to get the thing to auto switch between tablet and desktop mode though...

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