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Reinstaller app comeback almost impossible.


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Jan 10, 2012
I got this reply to my post at the XDA forums from the developer of the Reinstaller app after it came back weeks ago with a crash at the app count stage and it seems almost impossible for the app to come back after reading this.

Developer message below:

" I'm the developer for Reinstaller and I have been trying to get it work again for so many days now.

The new design doesn't look like can be scrapped anymore. This effectively means Reinstaller is dead.

I will give a few more tries before giving up - if you or anyone else have any ideas to get me back on track - please chime in".

- Ashish

Now I decided to post this here if anyone has an idea for the developer to overcome the new site problems he's having and since he is not here at WPCentral, I suggest you head over to my post at XDA and offer your help.

Link to post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1934867

Reinstaller app seems to be the only app with a full purchase history on your phone and I for one need it more especially now that I can't see all my purchase history at the Windows Phone site (a problem that has been confirmed to me by Microsoft Support due to the migration of most apps...an I have to live with it, thank God non of the apps missing were bought).

If anyone has an idea,.please show your love, we need to make Windows Phone ecosystem better....we can't afford to start losing the few good apps we have. Thanks.
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