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Mar 21, 2012
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I currently have an Xbox media remote and obviously an XBox controller. I'm looking for something that will make it easier to use the media features. For example, typing, scrolling, etc. are horrible having to move the box all over the place. I'll be honest- I've never actually tried the controller to scroll and I don't have a chatpad, which I would assume would work any time I needed to type something in. That said, it would be lovely if it was the size of a remote and didn't require me to turn it on and off.

I was at Best Buy the other day and noticed the Logitech K400, which is essentially a small keyboard with a touchpad/mouse buttons. The only thing is that the drivers required are for Windows systems only. Before I go and buy a keyboard that I'm not even sure works, does anyone have any suggestions or experience with the K400 and an XBox? I tried a search with Xbox K400 and I don't actually see anything of use. I saw an All-in-One PC remote (Samsung I believe) that had a normal remote on one side and a qwerty-keyboard on the other. If scrolling on something like that is actually usable, that would be an ideal solution in my eyes. Best Buy of course told me I'd have to contact Samsung as it only comes with the computer/not sold alone.

Perhaps I just need to wait though. With XBox getting IE and some other features, it's probably only a matter of time before there is a good enough solution. I don't like using the controller as a remote because then not only do I have to know all the buttons, but everyone else does, too. My wife has enough issues with a Harmony remote having unlabeled buttons.


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Mar 1, 2012
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Buy the chatpad. I've had one for years, and its always been great for sending messages. Now with is on the dashboard beta, it really comes into its own.

Id wager they will be a nightmare to find once the new Xbox dashboard comes out, so get one cheap on eBay.

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