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Reset my phone, now it's in Demo mode?


New member
Mar 25, 2013
I bought a Lumia 830 today, when I set it up and restored the backup of my old 920, I noticed that none of my text messages were newer than 2012. I figured I would check the settings on my old phone, run backup again and then reset the new phone.
I went to settings> About in my new phone and hit the magical reset button. After the whole gears thing it reset and I went through the wizard. Problem is, it never asked me which backup to restore and seems to be in some kind of retail demo mode. When I try to reset it again, that button is replaced by one that says "Update Demo Content". I bought the phone at a MS store so I know it's not stolen. It was in normal consumer mode or whatever before or else I wouldn't have been able to reset it the first time. Anyone have any ideas how it could have decided that this time it was going to turn itself into a demo unit?

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