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sir, recently my laptop has been slowed done in performance. so, i reset my laptop(dell Inspiron 5000series- OS(WINDOWS-10) in the process my laptop had shutdown after displaying-- 100% resetting the pc* .now it is showing blackscreen with spinner from three days(in between i removed battery and placed ) . Actually my laptop os was windows 8.1 later i installed windows 10 in subsequent anniversary updates.Till now my laptop is showing spinner.... i need some help from you! i want to know what happens in resetting laptop and what happens if it shut down while processing?
Dell Inspiron 15 5000series laptop.
(I had removed battery and placed many times please help me by providing information about what happening in process)


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Oct 2, 2016
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Hi I will try to help you!You might need the media creation tool, but try this first. I will be logging on and off all day! If you need more help,please join the forum!

Start your computer and follow the POST, when Windows should begin loading, press the power button to shutdown your computer.

Repeat the previous step twice, and in the third restart the operating system should enter into the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE), where a number of diagnostics will be performed to try fix any booting issues, but you will also get an option to access the Windows Startup Settings.

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