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Nov 16, 2012
So I was sitting with my wife, who really dislikes how Cortana knows my schedule better than she does, and she was telling Cortana repeatedly how much she hates her... Don't ask... We were just messing around at the dinner table.

Cortana's responses to "I hate you" were the following:

"I blame solar flares."



"Maybe a nanosecond nap would help. Ok, much better now."

She continued to repeat these until the fourth or fifth time that my wife said "I hate you." at which point Cortana said "Okay, calling *my wife's contact information*." :shocked:

The command on the screen showed "redial"

We were both in awe at first. We decided testing was in order, and we proceeded to reproduce this result to "I hate you." FIVE times.

Now I'm not sure Cortana is calling my wife because it's my wife. Or because she's redialing my last call or last missed call. Either way, it is Cortana's witty way at getting back at you, and further testing is in order! So please give it a shot and let me know if you get similar results. This is probably one of the most Cortana like things I've seen Cortana do.

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