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Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Some of the most innovative and interesting products that I have reviewed in the past have been simple, ordinary things that we take for granted, that a manufacturer has decided to make extraordinary. One such company that routinely sets the standard for expectation defying products is Nomad. Nomad has a real knack for taking simple necessities and making them luxurious, classy, and unique. If you have checked out my reviews in the past, you have seen what they can do with phone cases and wallets, but this time is a little bit different. Say hello to the Nomad Mousepad!


Presentation: Nomad products are always top-notch when it comes to design and presentation, and the Nomad Mousepad is no different. The Mousepad comes in a fancy charcoal colored box, which contains the mousepad, tucked away in it’s neat little microfiber carrying pouch – seriously… this mousepad has a carrying pouch. From the moment I opened the package I was impressed, even more so once I got my hands on the mousepad. I will confess that I have only ever bought one mousepad in my life, and that was a cheapy little Logitech mousepad that I got about 15 years ago. Honestly moment number two, generally I don’t even use a mousepad, and haven’t cared for them. Why is that? Well, one… the get uncomfortable after long gaming sessions, two, they are never big enough to cover the playing area that I need to game efficiently. Well, that changed with the Nomad Mousepad.


Comfortability and Practicality: The Nomad Mousepad is a departure from the norm when it comes to mousepads. Typically, mousepads are mundane, come in either in black or gray, are made from some type of spongy material and generally dig into your wrist after long periods of use. Well, Nomad decided to one-up the rest of the mousepad industry and add a bit of class, and some American-made Horween Leather. As with all of Nomad’s products, they only use the finest of the fine Horween leather, which has been floating around since 1905. Horween has a rich American heritage that dates back over 100 years and is still used in many fine products to this day. Well, Nomad likes to have all the Horween leathers and generously incorporates them into just about everything – maybe even the kitchen sink at their office. As with the rest of their products, the Mousepad will develop a mature and maybe even slightly rugged patina over time – patina is the transition and maturation of the leather as it develops its own unique sheen and characteristics as it reacts to the environment and natural oils and minerals in your skin. In addition to being realy cool and classy looking, the Mousepad is also very practical because it’s oversized. This may not seem like much but having the extra real estate on the mousepad alleviates all of the issues you have when sliding your hand and mouse across, or even off of a traditional sized mousepad. Instead of having your wrist halfway hanging off of the mousepad, now you can rest if completely on the mousepad and still have room for days!


Conclusion: The Nomad Mousepad is a great addition to your home, office, or wherever you have your gaming rig setup. An additional nifty feature is the ability to tote the Mousepad around with you in the included – and very handy – microfiber carrying pouch, which allows you to keep your Mousepad safe and secure during transport. Of course, you need to take ample care not to squish or bend it, but it will fit in most backpacks and carrying cases with your laptop, and the case will keep it from getting scuffed up. Additionally, the added real estate is really nice. The bottom of the mousepad is made from typical rugged rubberized material that keeps it secured on any surface, and the Horween leather surface on top makes for an ease of use. Your mouse will glide around without a whim or a care, and there is no loss in accuracy or precision. The leather surface is naturally grippy and textured enough to register feedback from optical or laser mice! All around, it’s solid, it looks great and it works like a charm!

If you’re interested in picking up one of these sweet Mousepads of mythical awesomeness, you can find them on Nomad’s website for $59.99 - https://forums.windowscentral.com/e...omad.com%2Fproducts%2Fmousepad&token=rARvgrXR – The Nomad Mousepad only comes in brown. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down in the comments section.

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