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Feb 24, 2014
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Hi, have you ever thought about 1 MINUTE would be in a shooting game?
Rocket Cube is gonna BLOW YOUR MIND in only 60 seconds! Try it , and you will realize that it?s definitely redefining ?Exciting?.
Below are some recommandations quoted from reviews wrote by other press FYR.

?Well, it was hard to make myself put the game down to write about it.?
- Lena LeRay, Indie Games The Weblog. (http://

?If you?re a fun of puzzle games you?d be still to not check out Rocket Cube.?
- James Maxwell, co-founder & co-editor of SGD. (Super Game Droid)

?The Game that Makes People want to Touch It.?
- game sauce. (Rocket Cube: A Side Project Becomes a Star | Gamesauce: Global Inspiration for Game Developers)


Excitement Only!!
Taiwan Indie ?Keitai? Releasing its 1st Game ?Rocket Cube?.


There are so many puzzle games in the market, but most of them are just simply eliminating those puzzles.
Keitai wanted to make a game that is different from those, which matches the concept of ?Excitement Only?,
therefore Rocket Cube was born.

Concept: ?Excitement Only!?
The main concept of Rocket Cube is ?Excitement Only?. So we decided not to make it too much graphical but
to do it as simple as we could so players will be able to enjoy the game and experience the concept we would
like to show them. The game is simple: Cubes keep falling from the top of the screen, players will have to eliminate
cubes before they stack and fill up the whole screen. But simply eliminating cubes are not so much fun, eliminating
routinely doesn?t fulfill our concept ?Excitement only?, and there?s an idea came across our minds to transform cubes
to rockets and launch. This could give players the ?excitement?. ?Rocket Cube? is not just a puzzle game, but a Puzzle shooting game.

Infinity Mode for unlimited excitement
The Infinity mode is the basic mode of Rocket Cube. It is designed for the players to practice and get used to
the gameplay of Rocket Cube. Cubes drop down from pretty slow to incredibly fast and the color of the cubes
are 2 colors to 4 colors. In the meantime, players can also experience the effects of those special cubes. Through
the stage design(wave), players will get used to the gameplay gradually and become experienced veterans. And to discover
the excitement and fun in launching rapidly with cubes dropping like heavy rain.

To enjoy the game in only 1 Minute!
Keitai has added this mode because in certain Asian Countries like Taiwan or Japan, there are many fragments of time
when commuting by train or bus, etc. And players who are familiar to STG will take quite some time. We would like to have
our players enjoy the excitement in very short time without any interfering. Most of all, we think that the experience of a
shooting game can?t be interrupted by pausing. In the meantime, one of the fun parts of STG is to challenging yourself
to get higher score than before; plus the popularity of Facebook nowadays, linking to Facebook allows player to compete with friends.

Going Global, Cube War!
There is also another mode called Cube War. It is ranked by players? nationality, the score is summed by players from the same country.

About Keitai.
Keitai is a five-people indie team from Taiwan, founded in 2005. We started from designing Java games for feature phones and have made various types of those and other apps

To find out more:


Rocket Cube PV (ENG) - YouTube

Gameplay demo:

RocketCube : How to play 1min mode with full speed? - YouTube

Official website: Keitai Co,. Ltd.
Facebook fanpage:
Twitter: @keitaimobile

App download link for free:
Windows Phone 8:
Rocket Cube | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)


Contact info:
Dani Jen / Product manager


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