Samsung says my warranty is voided


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Dec 13, 2008
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This is a follow up to my post about the problem with the charging port on my Epix. I purchased the Samsung Epix from Amazon in December. I used it for approximately 3 months and was generally satisfied, slowly getting used to the WM operating system. In early March, I noticed that the charging light was not on when the phone was connected to the charging cable. To me, it appeared that the contacts in the charging adapter/USB slot had failed. In addition, consistent with that observation, my computer no longer recognized the device when connected thru the same phone port which doubles for the charger and the USB cable port. I returned the phone to Samsung for repair. Samsung returned the phone to me unrepaired with a slip which stated that my "phone is damaged beyond economical repair in the form of a warped board, or missing or damaged components. The factory warrant has been voided." I spoke with Samsung customer service including being routed, at my insistence, to their Executive Customer Relations, all to no avail. I was told that the technical people said the phone was damaged and the warranty was void. I don't recall dropping the phone. I never stuck any objects in the USB port. The phone has no visible marks on the outside indicating any sort of traumatic blow. Since I had no insurance, I am now stuck in a 2 yr ATT contract with an old phone and out the cost of the Epix plus the cost of add-in programs which I had purchased and will not be able to purchase another subsidized phone for almost two years unless I pay ATT a termination fee.

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