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Scan SD card and fix errors

Nov 14, 2015
My Lumia 640XL with a Samsung Evo Card 64GB and Win10 Preview does the same.
I thought it could be the hardware, but it seems to be a O/S issue that needs to be solved. :amaze:

FGI Industries

New member
Nov 27, 2015
The Microsoft FAQ page recommends the following when the memory card is not working properly in Lumia Phones:

Memory card is not recognized

Make sure of the following:

You have a fast 4–128GBmicroSD memory card by a well-known manufacturer.
Your memory card is not full (there should be at least about 50 MB of free memory on the card that is used).
Your memory card is not password protected. To check if your memory card is password protected, connect it to a PC with a USB reader that has a microSD card slot. If the card cannot be accessed, it is password protected. Remove the password from your memory card using the device where it was previously used.

Memory card is not working as expected

If your memory card has thousands of media items, the file system scan may consume considerable amounts of your phone processing power even when running in the background. If you think that is the issue, just simply go to App list, select Storage Sense, tap the SD card bar and tap remove SD card. You can access your memory card next time you restart your phone.

If you see the Scan SD card and fix errors message box. Tap Yes to have your phone scan the card and try to fix any errors. If you see an SD card scan failed message, insert the memory card into a PC and try and fix it there, follow these steps:

Format your memory card on a PC

Important! Before formatting your memory card, make sure you have a backup of the data as it is lost during formatting:

Connect your memory card to a PC with a USB reader that has a microSD card slot. If your card reader or PC has a regular SD card slot, you can use a microSD card adapter.
Use the File Explorer and browse to the removable storage on your computer, right-click the memory card and select Format.
For 4-32 GB cards, select the file system FAT32 and allocation unit size 32 kilobytes and press Start. For 64-128 GB cards, select the file system exFAT and allocation unit size 128kB.
Press OK to confirm the data loss warning message. When the formatting process is complete, press OK.
Restore only the data that is compatible with your phone (JPEG or MP4 in the photos folder or MP3 in the music folder).
Right-click the memory card, select Eject, and wait until it is safe to remove the card.
Insert the memory card into the slot in the phone until it locks into place.

samer samer1

New member
Jan 19, 2016
I started getting this error after about 2 months after updating to Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan. I never got this error before on Windows Phone 8.0 Lumia Black. When I insert the SD card with an adapter into my laptop with Windows 8.1 I also get an error.

Anyone using their phone with a SD memory card get this error? Did you only start getting the error after updating to Windows 8.1 Lumia Cyan?


New member
Jul 20, 2016
I have the same problem with a Lumia 635. If I accept the scan I am advised there are unrecoverable errors and to replace the card. If I ignore that message, switch off the phone and start again I sometimes get the scan message, in which case I say no and it carries on working without any problems. If I don't get the scan message, again I have no problems with the data on the SD card. I have been advised to remove the SD card and re-insert it but this hasn't made any difference to the messages. I consistently backup the card to my computer but it doesn't appear to backup all the apps.

The Spaceman

New member
Jan 28, 2016
I have a similar recurring problem with a Lumia 830. It happens about once a week. When I upgrade my phone to the anniversary update I will do a full reset, and format the card.


New member
Jan 20, 2015
might as well ask it her rather than start a new thread about the same subject:

I've been using my Lumia 830 with 8.1 installed (and updated) for roughly 2 years now with no problems. A message appeared on my phone after recharging saying "Scan SD Card and fix errors"
I've searched online for answers and so far found this thread.

My question here is:
I have all my Windows Phone games installed on my 830's SD card. If I choose to yes and have the SD card scanned, is there a risk of losing any or all of my games' data and saves?

So far I chose no because even though I already have the SD card backed up, I want to make sure everything will be good once I choose yes and have it scanned.


New member
Mar 24, 2013
My Lumia 820 has been getting this ever more frequently recently so I popped the back off to remove and reseat the memory card, cleaning the contacts in the process. What I noticed though was that the card was not fully seated anyway. I assume one of the drops onto carpet or car matting had caused it to be partially dislodged. Worth checking anyway.

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