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Sep 13, 2012
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I brought my lumia off my brother who got an iphone 4s, He never dropped it yet the screen has some scratches, and 2 of the rounded corners are a little bit chipped.. Which is fine because it's always going to be in a case anyway so I don't see it and If i'm being honest the chips are tiny.. its only because I hate damage being done to something so expensive I get really obessive about it.. (weird..)

Anyway my question is if theres anyway I can polish the scratches out my screen? There only noticeable in certain angles when in the light but the fact I know that they're present bugs me. I read on certains forums about using car polishes and that i should be careful because of some sort of special coating the gorilla glass has but i'm too chicken to apply any sort of car polish onto my screen incase it buggers it up even more..

Any tips? and Please don't say buy a screen protector, Those things are a pain to apply and I like the feel of the smooth glass.

Also why are the chips on the cyan coloured lumia white.. can only assume its where the colours came off.. but just wondering.
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