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Search bar in app list & search (Cortana) discussion

Snowy Nokia

New member
Jan 27, 2013
So I love playing devils advocate an raise questions.
I have a 2 part discussion / questions.

1. Search 🔍 bar in the app list, is one finding it useful, needed or required?
We have already tap on letter for search.
And so far, the search bar only does search for an app. C'mon really, that's All!
Swipe right, tap on bar, type, select app.
I'm saying it offers ONE function.

My opinion, I find it a waste..but that's me

2. Search 🔍 (Cortana).
In my build case it's called "search"(another discussion in itself).
What's everyone's feel for it? Fluid? Like it compared to windows phone 8.1?
Hey, It's universal!

Personally, I currently loathe it, as of this build.
First off it overlaps what the app search bar does, by giving you apps installed. It even goes further than that It , it opens the app without your requests!

Examples; Go type windows central over at Cortana an hit enter...if you so happen have the app installed, it launches it automatically! Annoying!
Go type windows central for the website you must tap on top for of page for the "edge" to open site. Annoying!
Go type windows central for a web(Bing) search, again tap on top for web search. Annoying!

Like I said i loathe it as of so far, Windows phone 8.1 WAY better implemented!

Everyone's thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

Snowy Nokia

New member
Jan 27, 2013
Nobody gots a say?! That sucks. Either everyone is happy wit it, which i doubt strongly! Or you don't got the balls to go against the grain to question an challenge...😇

Let's hear it everyone!😁

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