Seido holster/skin combo. Mini review.


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Oct 9, 2007
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The Alltel 6800 package came with a decent leather case, but coming from a flip phone, I really wanted a holster that I could open with one hand. After reading around a bit I went with the Seido holster/rubberized skin combo. I ordered directly from Seido and the kit arrived in 3 days.

I thought the price for the combo was a bit much ($49.95), but as a relatively early adopter there is not a lot to choose from.

The skin was easy to install and snaps on snugly over the 6800. It is a plastic shell with a rubberized skin that feels really solid and provides a good grip. The case is fairly thin, and still provides good access to the buttons on the sides of the unit. Sliding the unit open and closed is actually better than without the skin in my opinion. I actually felt like the 6800 would sometimes slide open when I didn't want it to. With the case installed its still very easy to slide, but it take a conscious effort vice before skin installation.

The holster is plastic with a soft cloth interior to protect the screen. Unlike my previous holster, you can't bump into something and have the phone fall off. The phone is very secure in the holster. I found it very easy to adapt to taking the phone out of the holster with one hand.

I'm having trouble feeling my phone vibrate. It think this is due to the rubberized skin absorbing most of the vibration. There is a registry hack that allows you to adjust vibration level but I haven't tried it yet. (Speaking of which, does anyone know the range of values for the registry tweak? ie 1 thru 5 or what?)

Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. If you have any questions let me know.


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May 17, 2006
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i got the unskined holster about a month ago. would not recomend it. where the top part snaps the device in... it has removed all the paint from the phone. the bottom part where the phone touches the holster did the same thing. i will try and post some pics this weekend.

i think the problem is more due to the phone paint then the holster though. just thought i would worn the unskined people.


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