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"send message" is gone!

Aug 3, 2016
Two weeks ago I upgraded my lumia 535 win 8.1 phone to win 10, with build No 10586.107. At about the same time my wife updated her lumia 550 win 10 phone to build No 14393.576.
I have the option "send message" in the contact profile, so nothing changed during the upgrade. But my wife missed the option "send message" after the update, which was there just before! Now she has to open messages and choose the contact and send the message, which is annoying and consumes considerable amount of time, as she uses text messages very often.
Is there a way to get back the option "send message"?
I hope someone has the answer to fix it.
I will be grateful.
Happy new year!


New member
Apr 14, 2014
If she opens a contact in People, is the "Call Mobile" option there, with the mobile number listed? That will at least confirm that the contact has an actual Mobile number in it, eliminating that suspect.

Try going into Settings, search for "Contacts" and check the appropriate settings there. You'll want "let apps use my contacts" turned On, and scroll down and make sure the Messaging app (and Skype Preview for good measure) is also turned On.

Beyond that, I'm stumped. Maybe try a soft reset just for laughs, but I tend to be skeptical of that as a "fix-all" solution.


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