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Serious battery drains when finger touched on screen


New member
Aug 24, 2013
I noticed my Lumia 525 get hotter at the back and drains a lot of power whenever I play on my phone.
I charge 3 times per day, battery drains is very serious.

So I made a small simple test on my phone to find out which situation cost power the most.

Email+accounts: Sync manually
Internet sharing: Off
Lock screen: 30 seconds
Screen rotation: Locked, portrait
WiFi: On, unchecked all advanced settings.
Bluetooth: Off
Flight mode: Off
Mobile network: Off, don't roam, 2G, manual select.
Location: Off
Kids' corner: Off
Battery saver: Off
Date+time: Set manually
Backup: Off
Brightness: Auto, low
Find my phone: Disabled
Phone update: Disabled
Feedback: Disabled
Touch: Normal sensitivity, no double tap to wake.

background task: All blocked EXCEPT battery app
data sense: Reduced data
games: Connect xbox off

Apps installed and running:
Battery, facebook, whatsapp, line, skype, viber.

Dark room with no light.

I leave my phone beside and I go to sleep.
Battery drops 3% in 8 hours.

Surf facebook over WiFi.
Battery drops 10% in 30 minutes.

Screen on, idle. (Lock screen timeout: 5min)
Battery drops 3% in 30 minutes.

*Screen on, finger on screen, sliding up and down non-stop. (Lock screen timeout: 5min)
Battery drops 11% in 30 minutes.

*Play Fruit Ninja, max volume.
Battery drops 13% in 30 minutes.

Play Temple Run, max volume.
Battery drops 7% in 30 minutes.

Youtube over WiFi, max volume.
Battery drops 8% in 30 minutes.

WiFi Hotspot, 3G data, screen off.
Battery drops 20% in 1 hour.

GPS, 3G data, screen on, Waze.
Battery drops 50% in 1 hour.


Situation may differ from other user.
Just for your references.
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New member
Jan 13, 2012
Sounds like your battery could be bad, because that sounds really bad... :unhappy: How old is your phone?


New member
Nov 10, 2012
My non-scientific opinion is having the screen on is what uses the most battery, not your finger. The less the screen is on, finger or not, the lower the battery use.


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Aug 24, 2013
Hehe, because I was testing in a condition of dark environment, screen brightness was low. (Not lowest because battery saver is off)


New member
Jan 10, 2014
I was facing the same problem too in the beginning with my 12 day old 525, but now the battery backup has increased and lasts a day easily, with 2g net turned on all the time. The guy at the shop told me that when we use 3G on the device, the battery gets drained quickly, so switch to 2g for basic net usage and 3g for surfing.