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I've noticed this problem two months ago when I decided to set custom notification sounds to my apps. After experiencing some glitches/problems in the OS, I had to Soft Reset my phone. The nice part comes now: all the custom sounds set were reset. I found it strange, but I customized them again. Then, I turned off the phone and turned it on. Again, the custom sounds were all reset. Pissed of with this and other problems, I decided to Hard Reset it and begin all over from the 0. Made it without restoring backups. So far, so good. Did customized my notifications sounds again, restarted the phone. The problem seemed to be gone... Till now. Yesterday, I was checking some settings in the system and found the Magnifier. Turned it on, but noticed the keyboard was hugely affected by it: some key presses simply wouldn't work. So, I turned the Magnifier off and the keyboard was ok. But, after a while, had do restart my phone and guess what: my keyboard was messy again. When I went to settings and checked Magnifier status, there it was: turned on. By magic.

So, the question is: is anyone else noticing this problem? And if so, have you managed a way to get rid of it without hard resetting the phone? Have anyone mentioned it in Windows Feedback app? It's kind useless to make a suggestion in it here 'cuz I'm in Brazil. Feedback here does not seem to have the impact you guys in USA have there.

Thanks in advance, guys, and forgive the bad English.

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