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Sharepoint missing in Office apps?

Niklas Henningsson

New member
Dec 11, 2015
I have connected my Lumia 950 XL with my Work Office 365 account.
When I open Word/Excel I can see all my recent documents both from my OneDrive (O365) and my company's Sharepoint.
But when I click Browse I can only choose from Recent, Local or OneDrive. And in OneDrive I can only see files in my personal OneDrive and on my Companys O365 OneDrive but not on the Sharepoint site.

Only me that got this issue? Since I can see files from the Sharepoint site on my recent list, I know the implementation is there. I just cant browse it maually.

Soenke Wagner

New member
Dec 12, 2015
...This is exactly what I was searching for as I have the exact same issue.
I am coming from an Android mobile and I was really impressed about the office apps and the integration of one drive business / sharepoint.
It was working like a charm !
Now I switched to Phone 10 as I thought Mircosoft is able it do an even better integration for all their "services" but its really complicated to get all this working :-(
As workaround, I use an Edge bookmark to my sharepoint doc share .. but this is really frustrating



Jan 6, 2014
I migrated most of my SharePoint files into my OneDrive. A temporary workaround I hope, as I really don't like the idea of private data hosted in public cloud service. Definitely doesn't meet my company's security requirements so I won't be accessing any of that.