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Should I switch to Android or stay with Windows Phone on Verizon?


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While the school year for college is starting, I'm starting to question upgrading my phone. I have a Nokia Lumia 822, as I have for the past 2 1/2 years. While I don't really want to switch from Windows, Verizon isn't giving much of a choice. I'd like to upgrade to a flagship phone, but Verizon doesn't seem to be giving any likelihood of acquiring any. I hate to ask this to this community, also as it might be to opinion-based, but should I switch to Android and keep my old Windows Phone, or wait and see, because I don't know anymore?


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Nov 12, 2012
If you are perfectly happy with your 822 and are just looking for an upgrade, I suppose you could shoot for a 735 or used Icon on their network. Updates might be up in the air, but its probably no worse than the 822's situation.

I don't see much point to getting Android unless the software appeals to you.

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