Should I wait on a replacement?


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Nov 4, 2006
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I am on my third first one had the FOTA but not the samsung ID1 (wouldn't install), my second had neither, and neither does the 3rd. The second had a wonky mousepad, plus a strange bug: I went to select a theme, and it failed. Suddenly I had no theme, just a weird teal background. All of the default today themes (Windows Mobile default, Guava Bubbles, etc), didn't work. The new Epix has the same bug. Only think i restored from the second to the third was the PIM...

All this is leading up to this question: Is it worth trying to eke it out with the epix for a bit longer, and then try to get AT&T to swap it for a touch pro II, or should I push for a Fuze at the first sign of instability? This is my only's a real problem if the new Epix is equally wonky.



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May 19, 2007
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Wow, I'd probably be complaining very loudly to AT&T if I had that history of issues. Luckily I have not, my only problems were getting the ID1 update installed and running correctly (more on that later).

My advice would be to go to a store and insist they fix it right. I'm assuming you bought it through AT&T which in my view puts them on the hook to make sure you get a working device.

Now for my ID1 complaints.
1. The update process was the worst thought out procedure I have ever seen. I eventually did get it to install but only after a couple aborted attempts and then following the instructions exactly to the letter (even when I, for example, when I thought I had already had the modem installed and could skip it).
2. My internal aGPS broke. It would work sometimes after letting it go for 20 to 30 minutes to get the satellite fix but of course my battery was pretty drained by then. I got that fixed by doing a hard reset and reinstalling all of the software again, starting with the GPS apps. The time it takes to get satellite fixes is reasonable now (still a little longer than before though).
3. My Outlook syncing with email is flaky but that may not be the phone's problem. I think I have some issues with Outlook on my work PC that will take company IT folks to sort out.

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