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Should MSFT buy Dropbox?

Abhigyan Arora

New member
Apr 21, 2014
Should MSFT buy Dropbox

or rather, should Dropbox sell itself to MSFT?

I am sure they must have received an offer from Microsoft in the last three years?

As a user of both OneDrive and Dropbox, you have to agree that Dropbox is a superior product. But Microsoft knows the importance of owning data and it has the muscle to drive everyone to OneDrive if it comes down to that. Google photos' move of giving unlimited storage for life is an example of how desperate these giants are to get a market share in the cloud space.

The sad reality is, Dropbox does not have the muscle MSFT, Google or Amazon have. The amount I pay for 1 TB of OneDrive storage, I'd pay 5 times that amount at Dropbox for the same thing.

So just as food for thought, don't you think that Dropbox would definitely improve as a product and make profits if it leverages the entirety of Microsoft's market share?


New member
May 12, 2014
Re: Should MSFT buy Dropbox

So far i don't see any advantages for MS to byy dropbox. They have simmilar services after all.

Looking back they even sold MixRadio in favor of Xbox Music. While MixRadio has runin more region