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Apr 29, 2014
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On Windows Phone you can sideload apps. Don't know about PC (never tried),

Settings -> Update & Security -> For developers -> Select Developer Mode

You can deploy the app by switching the following on:
- Turn on remote diagnostics over USB and local area network connections.
- Authentication (should be on)

Below that, you'll see an localhost address over http (if you're on Wi-Fi) - enter this into your browser's address bar, after the following steps:

Scroll up and switch this to On:
- Make your device visible to USB connections and your local network
- Click Pair, you'll get a PIN you'll need to enter on your localhost screen.
- Go to http localhost IP (seems slower over wifi, faster over USB) - if your screen shuts off on the phone, may drop connection. Keep the screen active.

You might get a security warning (because the SSL is self-signed; your browser doesn't recognize it as a secure source, but it is; safe)
If you're on Firefox:
Click Advanced -> Add Exception -> Confirm Security Exception

You'll be prompted: "Enter the 6 character PIN" - this is where you enter the code you received after hitting "Pair"

On left menu, click Apps
Beneath Install App is where you upload the xap or appxbundle you want to sideload.

(Don't forget to turn off the settings you enabled above, once you're done loading your apps)

Edit: There IS an option to Sideload / developer options on desktop under Settings!
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