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Nov 29, 2008
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I love my Saga! I came from a blackberry :eek: and that was the first smartphone I'd ever had. This is SO much better!

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for software. I've tried out a few SPB programs - finance, mobile shell, and phone suite. Those have been great so far, but still playing around with them!

I liked the opera browser, but was recommended to try Skyfire by my boyfriend. Again, still figuring out how I like it and how it all works, but on the surface I like what I've seen so far.

Looking forward to hearing any suggestions you all might have! :thumbsup:
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Nov 4, 2006
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I have an epix, which is a cousin to the Saga.

I have SPB Mobile shell and SPB Diary installed. Between them I can do 60% of my calendar and task stuff right from the today screen. And SPB Mobile Shell is just much prettier than the standard theme.

I tried SPB finance but it was too fiddly for me, I wound up with SplashMoney, which works great.

I've tried Opera and Skyfire, and like Skyfire slightly better so far.

AEButton Plus is a great utility, it will remap buttons for you. I have my side volume buttons remapped to up/down. The nice thing is that the program will switch them back to volume keys when you are on a call.


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Jul 17, 2005
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my vote= less is more.

so opera is on the thing- use it.

but hey to each his/her own...

first up- slide2unlock- need version 1.35 I think for hte saga. I can't understand how it seems only palm understands that people need a decent keyguard. Slide2unlock is a bit of overkill- i'd be fine with treo's "press center key to unlock" but I haven't found anything simple that easily will just turn itself on. So since i need it anyway all the eye candy with s2u2 is nice.

I like spb power plus (need to get the beta and uninstall smart scrolling), spb phone suite (need beta), and sbsh phone weaver. I use various parts of those 2 to set everything up the way I want. I also own spb mobile shell but I get everything the way I want with the above 3 so keeping with less is more I'm leaving that off for now.

as far as apps.

google maps- probably everyone has that...
geekstoolbox siriuswm5 to stream my sirius account to the phone.

also have memmaid for fiddling with registry and start up apps and minor tweaking but out of the box the saga could probably be fine without.

I also hate the bloatware on my pc that MS calls active sync or mobile device center- so i have wm5storage on the phone to allow file transfers direct from the computer to the sd card.

tony bag o donuts

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Oct 5, 2005
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sprite backup

three essential programs IMHO.

why did you leave bb?
I am doing the opposite, leaving wm for the storm or niagara because verizon isn't offering many wm devices.

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