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Solved (Was: Trouble updating Outlook email and Calendar from Store)


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Jul 24, 2015
I noticed yesterday that there are updates available for a couple of apps. Installed all of them successfully, except Outlook email and calendar.

My phone seems to download the Outlook update forever.

First it may be like:
Downloading... 7.56 MB/14.08 MB

Then the size of the update seems to get bigger all the time, like
Downloading... 17.56 MB/17.56 MB

Downloading... 30.16 MB/30.56 MB

Downloading... 35.87 MB/35.87 MB

It may show "Installing" for a second, and then starts downloading again.

I tried to dowload the patch for about an hour and a half. It never got updated.
I tried with wi-fi and 3G. I restarted the phone and started to update Outlook again.
But the update has not finished so far.

It just keeps downloading but never finishes it. The download bar is almost completed, only missing a few millimeters. But it won't reach the end.

Anyone else?

EDIT: After restarting the phone for the fourth time and after searching for updates again from the MS Store I eventually managed to update Outlook. :shocked:
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