SP 2017 external monitor issues - dual set up with 34


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Jul 16, 2017
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I am having issues with my new SP (2107) i7/8/256.

Using a dock hooking up two external monitors. First is a Dell U3417W, yeah the big 34" wide screen the second is a Dell U2415 (16:10 - 1900:1200) set in landscape mode.

I am in construction and use the 34 for drawings and the 24 for my email and as my taskbar dock.

I have used this setup, same size but older monitors though, with both a SP4 (i5/16/256) and a Surface Book (i7) and it worked great with both monitors being connected via mini DP to DP cables.

Upon setting up the new rig with the brand new monitors and using the dell supplied cables i could only get one monitor to work at a time. I could get both of them to work when i closed my SP, but it would only work for about 30 seconds before one of them would shut off. I tried many different configurations of "sleep" setting on the new SB the problems still persisted.

I had a mini dp to hdmi dongle on my desk for use in a conference room so on a whim i tried it with a hdmi cable on the 34. It worked. Kinda.

I have to take the keyboard off of my SP for some reason, and to get it to work i have to reboot after un-docking. I also have significant lag issues with my wireless keyboard (logitech wave) as well as lag issues with Viewpoint (construction software) which i have never had before. (I checked with IT and they have not done anything that would cause lag in the database) I do not have the lag if i work off my SBP stand alone.

The display drivers appear to be outdated with a MS driver date in February. There is an update on the Intel site in May. My SB is locked down by IT so i will have to work with them to install the new driver to see if that is the issue.

I do not have the option to turn off my SBP display which seems odd.

I am have new DP cables coming to test.

I think the 34 is running at 30 hz.

How do i get both monitors working with DP cables @ 60 hz and full resolution without scaling issues when i dock and undock. I don't care if i can use the SP as a display or not.


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May 20, 2017
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If this has changed for the nSP, I haven't seen specs on that. Based on the chart at this link, you aren't going to get two displays at 60hz greater than 2550x1600 resolution and your big one is 3440x1440. https://forums.windowscentral.com/e...or-projector%3Fos%3Dwindows-10&token=Hp7VAJ37

Why would you want to disable your nSP display? I use it in studio tilt as a dedicated OneNote writing tablet when at my desk. That is one of the great selling points of having a Surface Pro as a primary computer.


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Oct 30, 2012
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Rambler71, did you get any resolution with this? There are plenty of people who are affected by this. Long story short, I called MS Commercial Support and after back and forth troubleshooting, I was told that there would be a hotfix. However, there is no ETA! For now, I've turned off my Surface Pro display by pressing Windows Key + P to project to "second screen only" which will keep my daisy chained monitors on. Your SP won't enable after 30 seconds.

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