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Jul 27, 2008
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mendez77054 said:
How would I Fuze? I already Fuze my father owns a Fuze and well I took it for review of my own. First of all its great phone all around. Touch 3D works the way is supposed to work first of all you have to do is click the current icon and than move around to which ever you want to. The iphone guy did not do this he click anywhere in the icons therefor getting different response. YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE CURRENT ICON AND THAN MOVE FROM THERE. To flick around pictures, text, email, weather, or contacts all you have to do is flick your thumb fast and softly because the screen is very sensitive and pressing on the screen with pressure while trying to flick something could active or give you a different reposes. When it comes to texting this phone is great on one hand specially if you select compact QWERTY not mention the full physical keyboard. Another cool app is worldcard mobile since my father meets different people I show him how to used this feature and after a few tries he loves it. Well now how would i fuze with my own fuze man i would show my powerpoints at school on my cell instead of my laptop and the gps and wifi thank you. This phone is great all around and my favorite.

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