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Jul 27, 2008
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godson66 said:
wha's up ladies and gents..... i have had the tcpmp and flash bundle for a while now. it has been working gr8 for me ont my WING.... i recently removed the old and installed the tcpmp 072rc1 and flashbundle 1.4.4....everything was ok until 4 days when i open youtube...the homepage is fine all images show up but when i search any video, the search page only loads half of the images on the page and when trying to play or (stream), some of the videos give me an error msg (could not find url) but saving the video to my storage card is no problem. mainly my concern is why the page won't load all the images. i have plenty of storage on my device cause i removed all unwanted programs, all other sites load all images. tcpmp and flashbundle are on my storage card and everything works fine as far as that. is youtube doing something that we don't know about or what. i've done removal and reinstalls and soft resets and still the same. help me out here somebody. email me (

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